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Nasty Bali - how the unlawful & endemically corrupt state of Indonesia and tourists afflicts the Balinese

BaliNasty Bali is about how my love for Bali and the everyday Balinese turned to disgust at the Indonesian blight that afflicts the so called "Island paradise". How documented civil and human rights abuse against me by the Balinese authorities led to a journey of discovery which by telling it means I can never go back to see my friends and family on Bali while it is part of the unlawful, corrupt hate state of Indonesia. Unlawful? Yes, Indonesia is unlawful in every sense and should not exist under international law. Hate state? Yes, Indonesia was founded on hate by axis war criminals. I love the Balinese and have Javanese friends, but the term "Indonesian" makes me nauseous with very good reason; Indonesians and the foreign dogs that feed around their table rob the Balinese of a decent life and any hope of a better future.

Above photo: Bali 2002 bomb victims; let us never forget. But when the police should have been hunting down the terrorists that did this, they instead were unlawfully interrogating me for spying as a corruption favour to my business competitor Jack Daniels of Bali Discovery Tours. Caution: recently a European Consul to Bali warned foreigners that the Balinese police were planting drugs on people in order to extort money from them! Read report: Bali Police; and do not trust the corrupt and very nasty Indonesian police with your safety, liberty or lives.

You think that Bali is safe or that Indonesia is a progressive democracy worthy of your trust and vacation dollars? May I suggest you read this site's Bali police and Indonesian Government pages and think again. You think that western / foreign governments would do something about Indonesia and / or warn you about any pronounced risks in Bali? Do you know how much Indonesia's vast mineral reserves are worth and how the present system allows contractual favours to be shown to the corporations of countries who play along with this subterfuge? You think going to Bali helps the Balinese? If you use the wrong airline, travel agent or hotel you are dead wrong; you will be financing the very people that suppress the Balinese.

If you are going to Bali, how to avoid the nasty hotels and travel companies: Balinese ethical tourism.

Believe it or not I hope people will continue to go to Bali, to the real Bali, to support the Balinese both economically and spiritually, and to have a holiday to remember for the right reasons. But I think it is only fair if they understand the very real risks to themselves and as long as they do everything they can to avoid putting a single cent in the pockets of the people who abuse others.

Bali a paradise? Not for most Balinese it is not. How come Indonesia is a G20 (one of the world's top 20 most wealthy) country and yet 140 million Indonesians live below the poverty line while Jakarta keeps on demanding and getting aid from foreign governments, which only gets "lost" into corrupt officials' offshore bank accounts? I have discovered Bali is really only a paradise for people, including unwitting tourists, who by their acts and blind support actually subject the Balinese to economic and spiritual deprivation at the hands of their oppressors in Jakarta. Be advised, if you are going to Bali on holiday, you almost certainly will contribute to civil and human rights abuse against the Balinese, other islanders and even fellow foreigners unless you make a conscious effort not to support Indonesia.

In Nasty Bali I will explain why tourist hotels in places like Nusa Dua are so expensive / such appallingly bad value in comparison with other neighboring countries when they should be cheaper based on land, labour, running and other operational costs. I will also detail exactly why staying at such a hotel not only does nothing for the Balinese and their economy but actually supports, even fuels the civil and human rights abusing mechanisms that suppress them; that's right, if you stay at certain hotels you are acting against the Balinese in every way. If you go to Bali without absolutely, positively making sure your money only goes to truly Balinese friendly businesses (there are very few), you are therefore part of the oppression of the Balinese and should stay at home if you have any conscience.

It is a well known and substantiated fact by organizations such as Transparency International and Human Rights Watch that Indonesia is one of if not the most corrupt countries in the world, particularly regarding law enforcement and justice. It is also well recorded that corruption comes from the very top (the president down), that Indonesia’s existence is founded upon unlawful military enforced occupation by Javanese / Sumatrans full of hate, that institutional mass murder and other human rights abuses goes on to this day, that the endemic corruption costs Indonesia both investment and productivity which can be measured in terms of corruption levels vs. massive nett financial loss to the people, that there is absolutely no true justice in Indonesia, that the wealth of the country is controlled by a tiny minority of military connected families, that the police are actually enemies of the people out solely to line their own pockets through extortion, that businesses wholesale “rape” both the people and environment in Bali / Indonesia while western governments look on because of their own exploitation of Indonesia's massive natural resources and that one of the consequences is that the everyday Balinese have nowhere near the financial, cultural and personal protection they are morally and legally entitled to.

My request and recommendation for you to stay away from Bali / Indonesia unless you 100% make absolutely sure you only support the Balinese friendly hotels, tour operators, travel agents, airlines (e.g. not Garuda) and tourist attractions there will not just make Bali and hopefully the world a better place, but should give you a deserved sense that you are acting responsibly for the benefit of mankind plus reward you with a much better holiday, quality, value and authenticity wise as a bonus. Please do not read this web site and then tell others you are going to stay at a 100% Balinese friendly hotel when you are not; if you are going to stay at a hotel which is a part of the problem, have the decency to say and realize so.

Please, do not afflict the Balinese, do not become past of Nasty Bali, Indonesia.

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