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John M. Daniels (AKA Jack Daniels) Bali - psychopathic corrupt police colluding enemy of the Balinese.

Jack Daniels BaliThis is the face of Sanur Bali based travel agent and local tour operator John Millard Daniels; he calls himself Jack Daniels reportedly because of his love for copious amounts of the liquor of the same name; so much for professionalism. Jack Daniels is a small time businessman (by western standards), he describes himself as "president director" of his travel agency, PT Bali Discovery Tours.

Mr. Daniels holds himself out to be an ethical, professional pillar of the tourism industry; he actually is a very nasty vindictive individual who unlawfully colludes with the corrupt police of Bali and incites them to act highly unlawfully against people’s civil and human rights. There is substantial evidence that Jack Daniels is a former illegal immigrant and a dangerous even murderous psychopath who does business with both the Indonesian mafia (Laksar) plus Thailand's criminal gangs. How can you believe such statements from me are true? Because I will substantiate the facts to you and point out I have tried to get American citizen Daniels into a US court to address this face-to-face with him, but he would not have it and even evaded legal service.

The more I found out about former mortician's assistant John Millard Daniels, the more I realized human regression was not just a possibility but a probability in Indonesian business "life".

For me Bali’s Jack Daniels is part of the greedy anti-Balinese “Institutional Tourism” brigade of Indonesia which significantly includes so called luxury hotels which were or still are owned or part-owned by members of the Suharto family. Jack Daniels himself was once chairman of the Bali chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, which I find very appropriate really as I believe “PATA” are frauds (see Pacific Asia Travel Association). I have an equal disregard for a large proportion of the foreign expatriate community in Bali / Indonesia, many of whom have criminal records including for pedophilia and yet act so self-importantly and piously publicly, while others are "spiritual enlightenment seekers" too often puffing on a joint. Jack Daniels himself I believe worked illegally in Indonesia for many years because he was a director of an Australian small cruise boat which operated exclusively in Indonesia and was closed down for tax evasion; which almost certainly meant it was not licensed to operate legally and means Daniels worked both illegally and without paying taxes. This seems quite appropriate really as there is clear documented evidence that his travel agency operates equally unlawfully including documented tax fraud (see: Bali Discovery Tours Sanur).

Jack Daniels filed an unlawful (unsigned) false and malicious police complaint against me in Bali for "spying" and calling the Balinese police "corrupt" (a well documented fact even if it does hurt a bent cop's untenable sense of pride) after I caught him and his company offering unauthorized hotel rates on the Internet which he was embarrassingly forced to remove by the hotel and which said they would not have be honoured. It is a fact that Indonesian travel agents have a bad reputation for both credit card and Internet fraud called "bait and switch" where they advertise rooms at popular hotels for a lower rate than they can honour, only to report to any potential guest who enquires (and provided their credit card details in advance in good faith) that the named hotel is fully booked (when it is not) but the agent can offer something "better". I am a director of an English travel company who received a complaint under our "Guaranteed Lowest Rate" with that hotel by a customer of ours and therefore bought the matter to the hotel management's attention.

After I witnessed appalling police security in Bali after the 2002 terrorist bombings, upon my leaving Indonesia and its jurisdiction for home I emailed my business contacts in Bali to let them know. My email can be read here; as you can see it was a well intentioned and lawful attempt to stop yet more tourists and Balinese getting hurt and to save Bali's suffering all-important tourism business from a second attack which I knew would cause even more economic damage than the first. Jack Daniels has tried to selectively deny being involved but you can read the documented evidence I have against him here: Bali Police; you can read how the police acted both unlawfully to the extent of threatening to shoot me and how the British Embassy in Jakarta had to intervene to secure both my and my unlawfully held passport release; after I left Indonesia and Indonesian jurisdiction I published the facts of this.

What came next shows just how corrupt the Indonesian justice system really is and also how very nasty and unlawful Jack Daniels can get; he claimed that as he did not sign the original complaint no proof existed it was him and therefore what I published was defamatory. He also boasted on his company's web site that the police had agreed to take a (2nd) complaint from him alleging "criminal libel and other criminal charges" against me in a sealed envelope and would wait until they could get their hands on me before opening it! Of course the police accepting a sealed complaint and trying to entrap me is totally unlawful and if they did it would show that Jack Daniels had colluded with them unlawfully, as otherwise he would not have been able to boast about it in advance of actually making the complaint. I do not know which amazes and disgusts me the most, the fact the police acted unlawfully as Daniels boasted they would or that Daniels tried to make his boasts look like ethical professional acts; I believe both only go to prove Daniels is dangerously mentally ill. I do not want to repeat the whole nasty police story again on this page, please read the full story here: Bali Police. I am told Daniels through his notorious lawyer paid a corrupt senior police officer in Bali US$3000 to get me this way.

When I failed to oblige the bent police of Bali by turning up again in Bali for yet more civil and human rights abuse, Jack Daniels commissioned a fraudulent private investigation through a friend of his (see: Hill Associates Bangkok) and also was involved, unbeknown to me at the time, in my name being placed on Interpol's automated watch facility as a suspected insurgent by the Balinese police; details of my international movements were then passed to Jack Daniels. Under feign of a failed WIPO domain dispute by Daniels against me involving another friend of his (Terry Laidler of the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Committee), confidential data about where I lived was passed to Daniels unlawfully. Details of my home address in Phuket Thailand being given to Daniels coincided with my receiving a telephone death threat by a man with an American accent on a (modem) line which I never received anything but wrong numbers and one from Hill Associates (pretending to be Airborne Express); clearly implicating Daniels as the person who made the death threats. An attempt to trace the call failed because of Thailand's antiquated telephone network but they could say it came from or via (as an international call) Bangkok; my subsequent requests to the Balinese police to have Daniels' phone records examined have been ignored. In addition I then had the "pleasure" of Thai gangsters coming and watching myself and my family from just across the road; really.

I met with a Thai police officer contact I had from before (our previous house in Phuket was burgled by a drug addict) and explained the situation regarding the gangsters. He said he could try and do something about the gangsters but that might not be a good idea, as it would likely make them more dangerous out of revenge. He said that unless I felt the situation could be resolved with whoever was paying them that I should move home or even leave Thailand. He also said it might be an idea to approach the gangsters and pay them to turn a blind eye when we moved. Because I was aware of Daniels’ other actions and clearly evolving intent, we decided to move house to Europe out of harms way. I paid the gangsters to stay away, then we moved to England temporarily and then on to Portugal to put ourselves out of Daniels and his friends’ reach. Jack Daniels was given the chance to deny making the death threats against me but declined.

I believe I was lucky in that I am sure the Thai gangsters were probably ordered and paid for by Daniels but arranged by his buddy in Bangkok who may not have wanted to get involved in anything more than the fraud and harassment they were already, as I had challenged them specifically over this. But I believe Daniels personally is well capable of arranging acts of physical harm because of his documented associations with the Laskar mafia of Bali. As point of reference, a friend of mine in Bali made me aware of the low cost of human life (having someone killed) in Indonesia in a way I took as being an offer to put me in touch with someone who would be prepared to kill Daniels for a fee; much less a fee than it costs me fighting corrupt police and avoiding harm myself. Of course, by token of the fact Daniels is still alive you can therefore be assured I was and am not interested in sinking that low, as I am sure Daniels is. I can not remember for sure the "price quoted" to have Daniels shot, but think it was US$20,000. Which sounds about right as it is a recently disclosed fact that Tommy Suharto paid just US$14,000 to have an Indonesian supreme court judge murdered in 2002. Now you can understand why going to Bali knowing the police work with Daniels unlawfully is so dangerous for me.

Jack Daniels has done several other very peculiar things which I believe prove he is a dangerous psychopath. In 2003 he sent out a circular email from Bali Discovery Tours inviting people within the travel industry to report any illegal (unlicensed) villas in Bali to him so he could in turn report them to the police. This fits in with what I heard about Daniels in that people claim he is extremely jealous of certain foreign villa owners on the island. However when the email obviously backfired on him with the ensuing negative publicity you would expect, Daniels published an article on his company's web site that someone had hacked into his company's mail server and sent the email out in his name; he clearly implicated it was me. However I received one of these emails (on an email account I guess Daniels does not realize is mine) and so was able to look at the transaction information contained in what is called the "header" of the email; you can see this if you click "file, properties". Not only did it come from Daniels' company's web / email server which meant it was either hacked or whoever sent it knew the password, but the originating IP information was from account "Jack" at Indonesia's Telkom Internet Service Provider; yes, that is Jack Daniels' account, I had it confirmed. So whoever sent the email used Jack Daniels' internet connection and knew both his ISP login and hosting email passwords. That's right, it could only have been Daniels who sent it.

What is worrying, and this email is not the only case, there have been web sites Daniels claimed are mine but almost certainly were his to make trouble for me, is that Daniels goes then to the police and files yet another police complaint against me; I believe he has filed 7 so far which again only testifies to his mental instability as it is obvious I am not going back to endure the first unlawful investigations, so additional complaints are pointless and only show desperation on his part. I would like to make the point at this stage that although I am seeking criminal investigations against 4 very senior police officers including three former police chiefs of Bali (Budi Setyawan, Made Pastika and Soernarko Ardanto) that I believe Daniels is not well connected with senior police chiefs; I do not want him to get any kudos in that respect. In fact the only police officer Daniels seems to be able to meet with is officer Tri Kuncoro who is head of Bali's Cyber Crime Department, but that is hardly a senior and / or important police role especially when you consider Kuncoro thought in the unlawful investigation of Harry Bleckert he had to go to Harry's premises in order to see Harry's web site! And perhaps Kuncoro only tolerates Daniels because he drops him a few dollars or because I have stated I want Kuncoro arrested and have the evidence to put him in jail.

Jack Daniels seemingly only got lucky with former police chief Budi Setyawan, who instigated the original unlawful police investigation against me, because Daniels was selling tickets for the "Bali Security Workshop" where he met Setyawan. By all accounts former Balinese police chief Made Pastika could not stand and clearly avoided Daniels by token of the fact Jack Daniels only seems to have written articles about Pastika in his "Bali Update" which he got from newspapers. When Jack Daniels filed his highly unlawful second police complaint with Chief / Director of Detectives Kombes Boy Salamudin it was via his very nasty and notorious lawyer, Suryatin Lijaya, not directly. I believe that replacement police chiefs Made Pastika and Soernarko Ardanto only continued with the unlawful investigations because that is the way the corrupt Indonesian police do "business" (once they start they never let go), nothing to do with Daniels' esteem.

Currently I am going through the long drawn out process of filing a complaint under the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment against the Balinese police. Unfortunately Indonesia is not a signatory to the First Optional Protocols of the first convention which means I can not make my complaint to the UN body, I have to make it to Jakarta. Given I have documented evidence of Interpol's abuse, I do not think the Indonesian Department of Justice and Human Rights can easily deny my complaint. With such evidence against the Indonesian Authorities, if they denied my complaint I would then have to petition the British Government (God help me) to take the matter up with Jakarta as such interstate appeal is the only remedy under the "plain jane" convention which Indonesia limited itself to. So we are likely to be talking years before I can force the Indonesian authorities to fulfill their legal obligations, but I am prepared to endure the wait for good reason.

Part of the process of a successful human rights complaint is "remedy"; the country who has a successful complaint bought against it must not just compensate the victim(s) but also remedy the situation so it never happens again. Due and proper "remedy" in my case would I believe mean criminal investigations against the police officers involved, Daniels' lawyer and Daniels himself. I am not so naive so as to expect anything but lip service such as except token disciplinary action regarding the 4 senior police officers and probably Daniels lawyer (who has contacts), but as for Jack Daniels and his pet police officer Tri Kuncoro I believe they will one day go to jail or perhaps, in Daniels case, a secure psychiatric hospital.

What would happen if I went to Bali before any favorable ruling? I have no doubt the Balinese police would normally just arrest me for ignoring a previous summons and bring charges against me for criminal libel against the Balinese police, even though they do not have jurisdiction; I believe the police telling me I could be shot as a spy was simply done to terrorize me (although that is a human rights violation in itself of course). But I also believe they are capable of and would "stand off" to allow Daniels to get access to me for a few dollars. Remember, I have clearly documented evidence Daniels, the police and the local mafia who conduct contract killings have been working together to try and get their hands on me. Yes, truly, I believe hand on heart if I was stupid enough to go to Bali with a British passport bearing my name I would be followed by the police so my whereabouts could be reported to Daniels and then shot dead by Laskar Bali under Daniels' direction and payment. No, I am not paranoid, I have documented evidence Daniels paid Laksar to find me when he thought there was a chance I was in Bali. So I first need at the very least to have Daniels and his pet police officers put in jail or otherwise rendered ineffective unless I had dual citizenship and travelled under a different name and passport of course.

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