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Bali police chief Soenarko Danu Ardanto and officer Tri Kuncoro should face criminal charges.

Soenarko ArdantoThis is my story and civil and human rights abuse case against Balinese police chief Soenarko Danu Ardanto and one of his subordinates, chief of the Bali police's cyber crime department Tri Kuncoro.

Soenarko Danu Ardanto, Jakarta Police HQ’s former spokesman was appointed to the position of Bali’s chief of police in December 2005, he was replaced by General Paulus Purwoko in October 2006.

My Jakarta lawyers wrote to police chief Soenarko Danu Ardanto advising him that his predecessor Made Pastika has failed in his legal duty to either cease the unlawful investigations against me or give due cause for continuing them. My lawyers again challenged the new police chief (Ardanto) with legal arguments over jurisdiction, application of criminal codes in civil cases, unlawful acts against me by the police and the right to have any investigation over 2 years old terminated, Soenarko Danu Ardanto did not reply nor terminated the investigations as he is legally required to and he therefore also committed an unlawful act. In fact, under Soenarko Ardanto things got even more unlawful with his subordinate Tri Kuncoro openly conducting unofficial investigations with the local mafia against me.

In early April 2006 members of Laskar Indonesia (mafia thugs mostly from Java connected with Golkar / Suharto’s party who allegedly run most of Indonesia’s prostitution, drugs, money laundering and contract killings) went around Bali to places and people known to be or have been connected with me, looking for me and any assets of mine. This happened the same time rumours were circulating I was still able to and was actually visiting Bali after Interpol confirmed in writing on the 20th March 2006 that no data was now being reported about me to Bali's police. Given Balinese police officer Tri Kuncoro of the Bali Cyber Crime division’s comments to my lawyers about a year prior that Jack Daniels had appointed private detectives to monitor me shows the four mafia men used were employed by and paid by PT Bali Discovery Tours. However, it is also clear the Laskar mafia were working with police officer Tri Kuncoro because these four thugs warned one particular friend of mine that he would personally be summonsed to Bali Police HQ to in the case of Tri Kuncoro Vs Mark Austin for "Internet bad mouthing".

My friend was not summonsed per say but was about 10 days after given a letter by police officers without notice demanding he immediately go for a meeting with Balinese police officer Tri Kuncoro regarding me. The letter was then taken back from him presumably to avoid him copying it as evidence of an unlawful summons and investigation. The "summons" was unlawful because it was not a real summons, did not give the required notice in law, did not quote an investigation case number and did not cite any criminal code. The investigation was also unlawful because it was unofficial or had not been notified to my Jakarta lawyers if it was official. When my friend arrived at the Police HQ in Denpasar he was questioned about any recent visits I might have made to Indonesia, showing the police in Bali had not gone through Jakarta State Police HQ to have my name added to their countrywide immigration watch list for some reason. He was also asked about what assets I had in Indonesia, same as the Laksar Indonesian mafia members who he and Daniels were clearly operating by now as one with. Of course no legitimate police criminal investigation would require details of my assets; that would only come from a judge if I were tried and convicted in order to see how much of a fine I was capable of paying. Clearly the wish to know about any assets I have in Indonesia was for similarly unlawful reasons such as extortion and / or for the mafia to target.

Details of police officer Tri Kuncoro’s collusion and operation with Daniels and the Indonesian mafia in an unlawful undocumented investigation have been reported in writing to police chief Soenarko Danu Ardanto but he has declined to answer and / or take any action in this matter, thus making himself legally responsible. Tri Kuncoro was also directly involved with another highly contentious and unlawful investigation into German citizen Harry Bleckert (see: Bali SOS) during which Harry's Balinese wife Sang Ayu was arrested and jailed for approximately 60 days without charge. Laskar Bali are legally a youth organization for the Golkar / Suharto's party of Indonesia bu are more renowned and extensively reported for operating "security" services in tourist Bali and for controlling much of the island's narcotics trade; there are publicised accounts of how Kerobokan and Denpasar Prisons in Bali are awash with drugs supplied by Laskar Bali. This plus evidence many Indonesian brothels / of Bali's prostitutes are jointly owned by Laskar and police officers points to a pre-existing criminal association between mafia and law enforcement authorities.

I demand compensation and an apology from the Indonesian Government for these breaches of my civil and human rights, also that both police officers Soenarko Ardanto and Tri Kuncoro are investigated and disciplined to the maximum extent as allowed by Indonesian law, and that John M. Daniels face criminal charges / PT Bali Discovery Tours to have their trading licenses revoked for filing false and unlawful police complaints through clearly documented collusion / corruption against me and for appointing murderous Laksar mafia thugs to come after me.


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