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Terry Laidler (Logical Ideas Pty Ltd) / Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee Warning

So many Aussies had previously told me the Australian police were the most corrupt in the western world, now I understand why and concur. I want to make the point that no matter how you may feel about my taking on anyone and everyone who played a legal part in my civil and human rights abuse, the substantiated facts I make are clear; the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Department, which is still reeling from a previous corruption and collusion case, is dangerously immune to acting ethically to this day. What is more, it seems abundantly clear they have engineered and falsely portrayed an internal police department as a legitimate watchdog body (which it is not) that allows them to act against the public’s best interests while falsely feigning public service and accountability.

I think a testament to how corrupt Australia's police are is the number of search returns on Google for "corruption australian police"; take a look and compare the number with search returns for, say "corruption british police". My God there are even web sites owned and operated by former Australian detectives warning about police corruption in Australia; perhaps they are "trained" by the Indonesian police! I genuinely feel sorry both for the Australian people and decent Australian police officers who have to tolerate what appears to be the highest police corruption levels for any western country. And yes, I know there are plenty of decent and highly professional Aussie coppers, the fact one launched their own anti-corruption web site goes beyond commendation in my book.

Here you can read about how Terry Laidler a member of the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee and my paths crossed at the World Intellectual Property Organization here: WIPO. During a highly contentious, unlawfully conducted Internet domain dispute, Terry Laidler decided to become directly involved as co-complainant for highly questionable motives to help a friend of his; Mr. Laidler thereby as co-complainant became personally legally liable for any criminal acts committed in that World Intellectual Property Organization complaint process. This is my detailed account of the criminal acts used under feign of an unlawfully made and conducted WIPO complaint by Terry Laidler and the refusal of the Victoria Police to look at the evidence, let alone conduct a criminal investigation against him. It is also about how the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee, having been disbanded before because of a previous corruption case, are elected, operate and are accountable to this day. Without a doubt, the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee are a law unto themselves and only answerable to the chief of Victoria Police’s Ethical Standards Department. This is a “Wag the dog” story about how the people responsible for making sure Australia’s Victoria Police operate ethically are in fact solely controlled by the very people they are meant to keep an eye on.

Part of the criminal evidence I hold against Terry Laidler as co-complainant in an unlawful domain dispute is detailed here: Hill & Associates Bangkok; this company are friends of Laidler and his dodgy by name dodgy by nature co-complainant Jack Daniels (a Bali based American travel agent with a documented history of colluding with corrupt Balinese police officers against others).

I have submitted documented evidence to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria, Christine Nixon and to Assistant Commissioner Kierran Walshe who is in charge of the Ethical Standards Department that Terry Laidler;

1) Abused both confidential police and Interpol documents unlawfully and unnecessarily as intimidation (human rights abuse) against me in a domain dispute. In that confidential data from these sources were used to falsely portray me as being an illegal resident of Thailand and where no such need to even discuss my legal status existed.

2) Retained a private detective agency in Bangkok (Hill Associates Bangkok) to investigate me using fraud so as to determine my home address, to report that information without legal justification in a domain dispute and to abuse that information by way of death threats and having Thai gangsters harass me at our home which caused my family to flee for safety reasons.

3) Investigated my aged parents in England without legal cause and sought to harass and threaten me by disclosing this information (their address and phone number) in a domain dispute when no such disclosure was necessary or appropriate. It was clear the sole purpose of this disclosure of my parent’s home details was to inform me they knew where my parents lived and as such was a violation of both International civil and human rights which Australia is a signatory to.

When I wrote to Christine Nixon and Kierran Walshe I asked for two things;
1) An internal investigation against Terry Laidler as a member of the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee.
2) A criminal investigation against Terry Laidler personally.
The responses I received were unbelievable.

Regarding the request for a criminal investigation against Laidler, Assistant Commissioner Kierran Walshe informed me;
1) Despite the fact I had specifically advised the evidence showed the above acts were committed by Terry Laidler while he was in Australia, Assistant Commissioner Walshe replied it appeared from my letter the acts were committed by Laidler outside Australia.
2) Despite the fact I made the point that Terry Laidler had critically signed as co-complainant in the domain dispute and therefore was legally culpable for any criminal acts committed within that dispute, Assistant Commissioner Walshe replied Laidler was only acting in an advisory roll in that dispute.
It was solely for these two clearly false reasons that Assistant Commissioner Walshe refused to conduct a criminal investigation against Terry Laidler. Kierran Walshe was playing the “We have no jurisdiction to investigate” and “Terry Laidler was not legally liable anyway” cards.

When I wrote again to Kierran Walshe substantially pointing out he had got these critical areas wrong, I just got a “Kierran Walshe replied properly and the matter is now closed” response from his subordinates. With such clear evidence and rebuttal to Kierran Walshe’s stated reasons for not holding a criminal investigation, I believe it is clear from the subsequent responses that Kierran Walshe decided he did not want to hold an investigation for his own reasons, and therefore should face an investigation himself. My request for an internal investigation against Terry Laidler as a member of the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee did not get far either. In that respect Kierran Walshe and his colleagues informed me that the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee and their members could not be the subject of an internal police investigation because they were a civilian body. But wait for this, who appoints the members of the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee? Why, it is the sole duty of Assistant Commissioner Kierran Walshe of course. Secondly who overseas the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee and whose job it is to ensure the Ethical Standards Department of the Victoria Police do their job correctly? Again, it is the sole duty of Assistant Commissioner Kierran Walshe of course, so quite how Terry Laidler and friends can make sure Kierran Walshe and colleagues do their jobs properly when Mr. Walshe is their boss is quite beyond me. Finally, who is responsible for making sure the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee do their jobs legally? Well the answer is “nobody”! Except it seems clear that Kierran Walshe does really, being the boss, but he can’t officially because the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee is “a civilian body”.

Isn’t that a huge conflict of interest where Kierran Walshe who is chief of the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Department has sole say in whether members of the civilian body who are meant to oversee him, whether they are acting ethically and / or even criminally or not? I also got nowhere when I wrote to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria, Christine Nixon asking if she believes it is appropriate Kierran Walshe is given sole decision making responsibility as to what actions to take or not with all the possible conflicts of interest that entails? For a department shrouded in controversy as it is and where the alleged civilian body who is meant to protect the public and monitor his department had only just been reinstated after having to close because of corruption? My God, no wonder Australians say what they do about their nation’s police force. But I wasn’t about to give up just yet.

Legally I believe the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee is not a civilian body as claimed because a) They are appointed by the police, not an external body, b) They only answer to the police, they do not account to anyone else, c) They only perform police related duties, d) They perform their duties in police HQ. The Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee is therefore a police department, not a watchdog and each of its members, including Terry Laidler are special police officers. Because of this fact, they are answerable to the Victoria Ombudsman responsible for overseeing the police. During my attempts to get Assistant Commissioner Kierran Walshe to respond after his faux pas over why he would not conduct a criminal investigation, I also started writing to the Victoria Ombudsman who refused to even consider whether the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee were legally a police department or not; they just stated they were not so it was nothing to do with them! It became clear the Victoria Ombudsman and Kierran Walshe’s Ethical Standards Department were in contact with each other over this matter to put up a unified generic stonewall response as their words were so similar and they both said they refused to discuss the matter any further at exactly the same time, which seemed kind of blunt from the Ombudsman as I had only just contacted them.

I therefore have to agree with the Australians who say their police force is one the most corrupt in the western world; nothing quite as bad as the the Indonesian police, but truly bad enough. I say the fact that Special Police Officer Terry Laidler was able to play a part in my civil and human rights abuse and use unlawfully gained private personal information on me from Interpol and the (Balinese) police is a shocking testament to a police organization with a well documented track record for corruption. Of course I have legal recourse against the police and State of Victoria, as well as Terry Laidler personally, and one day I hope to be able to assert that recourse, not for my benefit but for the countless others I can only speculate are afflicted to one degree or another by 637 Flinders Street (police HQ).

I think it is important to let the facts be known and to one day pursue legal action not just to try and solve the above conflict of interest for the sake of others, but to let the world know about the likes of Terry Laidler. Mr. Laidler after all makes commercial advantage of his being a member of Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee on his company Logical Ideas Pty Ltd’s web site. No doubt Terry Laidler will read this web page one day and do one of 3 things; a) Sue me for my claims given that is what his company specializes in (Mr. Laidler, I would welcome the chance to face off against you in an English court for your role in what happened to me and my family), b) Ignore the issue and hope it goes away (Mr. Laidler, I can assure you it will not) or c) Accept he is legally culpable for his actions as co-signatory in an unlawful investigation against me which culminated in death threats and attempted physical harm against me, and contact me to both resolve those issues and discuss how he can make the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Consultative Committee what it is claimed to be.

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